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Some advice

I would give it 5 stars but i think dont buy the lite one buy full to unlock all models or you only get 1 model to dress its cool love it


Soooooo addictive! I <3 this app!


Its super fun. Dont fall for the bad comments... If you dont have it,get it now! Plus its free!!! Hope this helped!!!!


This is a really awesome game! I luv the cover of "just dance" in the background. The only bad thing is that I wish that the key was more noticeable.

This is the dumb

You got to pay for the girls

Good app

By Tiffany Saturday October 08 This app is good and you can do make up on it but you can buy it for free


I give it two Stars..... Its okay. I would recommend beach fashion, it is way better. You have to pay for the other girls on I heart make up. And in the south I hunt, mudd bog, and stuff, not wear make - up, but anyways just get beach fashion instead. I dont know how long this game will be on my iPod.


Bought thinking yay new game but after I bought Pippa the freaking thing stopped working and just stalls!!! ARGH!!!


Thankfully I didnt pay for this. It froze up before my daughter could do anything on it. Uninstalled.


Theres an app page think on here and wont go away!!!

great app!! love it

so much fun to do the girls! i have then all and harper is my fav!


seriously everyone--this app is soo much fun! i like how you can drag the stuff to the girls insetad of just clicking like all the other boring make up apss!!!


This is is horrible!!!!!! It froze before I even got to do one thing. DO BOT BUY THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is stupid when I try to change her hair it crashes. Its poop 


I cant use any other girl but gorgia wat up wit that chiz I HATE THIS CRAP! >: (

Glad it was free

It seems like a fun game, but I never cld even play it its soooooooooooooo annoying it wont let me drag the hair to the girl and it costs $1.99 if u wanna unlock the other girls! It also sings some strange version of "Just Dance" its like country style or something but it also just has a weird vibe to it. Do not get this game and dont let anyone tell u different!!!!!!!! :( :p

Best make up everrrrrrrrrrrr

i like that you can use the make up for the other girls - thats smart!

Totally Get This!!!

Its really good I mean really!

Doesnt freeze on me!

this is sooo fun - and its Free even!!


It just gives you other apps you dont actually get to play the game

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